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Rubongoya family exhibit their cultural materials at the UNESCO global meeting in Columbia

Audio-visual exhibition in Bogota

The family of the Late L.T Rubongoya today (Tuesday, 10th December, 2019) exhibited their cultural materials including backcloth, audio-visual materials and books at the global UNESCO meeting at Agora Conference Centre in Bogota, Columbia located on the South American continent.

The 14th ICH IGC UNESCO session is taking place between 8th – 14th December, 2019 and 156 countries have been represented across the world.

Uganda is the only African country showcasing its culture of Empaako communities to the world at the UNESCO global meeting represented by Engabu Za Tooro delegates. Engabu Za Tooro big exhibition stall filled with the state of the art conference screens with films of Uganda rituals, dances and folk expressions.  Other communities exhibiting at the UNESCO global meeting are communities from Latin American, Noth America, Europe, Caribbean, Australasia and Asian communities.

The two members of the Late L.T Rubongoya family who were selected to represent Uganda are Deo Katekere Rubongoya (heir to the Late L.T Rubongoya) and Sylivia Catherine Nyangoma (daughter to the Late L.T Rubongoya).

Rubongoya family exhibition in Columbia

Executive Director Engabu Za Tooro and CIOFF Uganda President Stephen Rwagweri Atwoki is also attending the UNESCO global meeting to submit a final report and audio – visual materials on the implementation of a UNESCO co-funded Empaako project aimed at documenting and revitalizing Empaako naming rituals and practices among Uganda Empaako communities.

Engabu Za Tooro recognized the work of the Late L.T Rubongoya in safeguarding and promoting Tooro culture especially Tooro language and supported two members of his family to attend a UNESCO global meeting in Bogota, Columbia so as to encourage them continue with the work of Late L.T Rubongoya.

The late Dr. L. T. Rubongoya Atwoki published many books in Runyoro – Rutooro like Runyoro – Rutooro english dictionary (Katondogorozi), Naaho Nubo book (The ways of our ancestors), Modern Runyoro Rutooro Grammar, Linda Engeso n’orulimi rw’Ihanga, Kibbaate Kya Kaseegu, Yega kusoma n’okuhandiika Orunyoro-Rutooro Omulingo ogundi and Scripted countless folk plays among others.

In the global UNESCO meeting, delegates from across the world will stand for a minute and raise their country’s flags to recognize the work of the Late L.T Rubongoya in safeguarding Tooro culture and language.

Some of UNESCO delegates in Columbia

The works of the Late Dr. L.T Rubongoya publications, Tutemu Engaro contributions book will also be submitted to UNESCO which will allow them to be showcased at the UNESCO exhibition centre for five days.

The 14thsession of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee for Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, organized by UNESCO and hosted by the Government of the Republic of Columbia will attract hundreds of people across the world who will include ministers of culture from all over the world, UNESCO ambassadors, culture experts, artists and funding bodies in the field of arts and culture among others.

Currently Engabu Za Tooro is implementing a UNESCO co-funded Project UGA 01210 which is on documentation and revitalization of Empaako naming rituals and practices.

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  1. Thank you for recorgonising the works of my late grandfather Dr.LT Rubongoya truely he is an inspiration to many and a great front runner of the runyoro- Rutooro.
    Proud to be apart of his legacy

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