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African Folklore performed live at an Engabu Za Tooro event in Fort Portal – Uganda

L.T Rubongoya family receiving the national flag

Engabu Za Tooro has held a live performance of African Folklore at Koi Koi Cultural Centre in Fort Portal – Uganda which was aimed at using traditional African folklore to safeguard and revitalize African heritage especially those threatened with extinction like Empaako and Koogere Intangible Oral Traditions and indigenous languages.

During the same event, Empaako book titled “Ceremonies and practices associated with Empaako naming system” was officially launched by Engabu Za Tooro Executive Director Stephen Rwagweri Atwoki who is also the President of CIOFF Uganda appealed to Empaako communities to embrace the Tutemu Engaro Self-Help Cultural Fund to sustainably safeguard heritage threatened with extinction.

Rwagweri adds, “In the empaako naming ceremony films, the Batuku community showcased the best in terms of the traditional wear, preparing traditional meals, performance of Empaako naming rituals and traditional shelter.”

Tutemu Engaro Self-Help Cultural Fund tools were also launched by Engabu Za Tooro Board Chairperson Msgr. Peter Kumaraki Araali. The tools were the Tutemu Engaro contributions book and Tutemu Engaro Basket where individuals and communities contributed to Tutemu Engaro.

Laurence Kawamara contributing to Tutemu Engaro

Some of the individuals, families, clans and communities who contributed to the Tutemu Engaro are Omugurusi Epafura Mugasa, Kawamara Laurence contributing UGX 200,000 for the Abagweri clan, Abachaaki clan, Bingi Fred of Runyoro – Rutooro Foundation, Abazira clan, Abasingo clan, Abaitira clan, Abasumbi clan, Akaracwa Omuhoro women’s cultural group, Abanyabindi community and Abatuku community among others.

The event which was attended by hundreds of people from across Empaako communities also exhibited cultural materials and books like traditional tools used in the Empaako naming ceremony and books on culture and books written in the languages of Empaako communities like Naaho Nubo and Katondogorozi among others which were written and published by the Late L.T Rubongoya Atwoki.

The delegation which will represent Empaako communities to attend the UNESCO global meeting in Bogota in the Republic of Columbia – South America from 9th to 14th December, 2019 was also commissioned who are Engabu Za Tooro Executive Director, Stephen Rwagweri Atwoki and two representatives from the family of the Late L.T Rubongoya Atwoki who are Rubongoya Deo Katekere and Ms. Sylivia Catherine Nyangoma.

Master Kalenzi performing African Folklore

While speaking at the event, the heir to the late L.T Rubongoya, Mr. Rubongoya Deo Katekere thanked Engabu Za Tooro for giving the Rubongoya family an opportunity to showcase the work of the late L.T Rubongoya to the world.

African folklore was performed by Engabu Za Tooro Cultural Troupe, the family of late L.T Rubongoya, Master Kalenzi from the Basongora community, Abatuku cultural troupe, Abanyabindi cultural troupe, Emango Cultural Troupe and Kahwa Kansengerwa.

Engabu Za Tooro is currently implementing a UNESCO co-funded project aimed at revitalizing and safeguarding the practice of the Empaako naming system through community self-documentation.

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