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Abafumambogo clan head asks Tooro clans to emulate the Abazira clan

Stephen Rwagweri speaking at the function

The head of the Abafumambogo clan Stephen Rwagweri Atwoki has appealed to clans of Tooro to emulate Abazira clan because of their enormous contribution to the safeguarding and revitalization of Uganda culture.

While giving a key note address at the annual Abazira clan meeting on Friday, 27th December, 2019 at the home of Edmond Manyindo in Kyenjojo district Rwagweri who is also Engabu Za Tooro Executive Director and CIOFF Uganda president indicated that members of the Abazira clan contributed massively in the inscription of both Empaako and Koogere oral traditions on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage”.

“In the implementation of a UNESCO co-funded Empaako safeguarding and revitalization project through documentation, members of the Abazira clan also contributed massively because even the film on the performance of Empaako naming ceremony among the Batooro community was filmed at the home of the head of the Abazira clan Mr. Tadeo Balisanga,” Said Rwagweri

According to the head of the Abafumambogo clan, Tooro heritage can only be safeguarded and revitalized only through such community self-help contributions because without community self-help contributions, Koogere and Empaako oral traditions would never be inscribed on UNESCO’s list.

Head of the Abafumambogo clan seated with head of Abazira clan

Rwagweri also appreciated members of the Abazira clan for holding regular clan meetings and encouraged other clans to adapt the Abazira clan model because regular clan meetings ensures proper upbringing of children, ensures education of children based on Tooro culture, ensures safeguarding of clan ancestral places.

Regular clan meetings encourages clan members to uplift their livelihoods through promoting a culture of self-reliance and promotes a culture of self-documentation of clan traditions.

Clan meetings also promotes regular performance of traditional rituals and ceremonies like Empaako naming ceremony, helps clan members to know each other and strengthens clan institutions.

Currently, the Abafumambogo clan head who is also Engabu Za Tooro Executive Director is spearheading the implementation of a UNESCO co-funded Project which focuses on documentation and revitalization of Empaako naming rituals and practices in Uganda.

Empaako naming ceremony video which was filmed at the home of the head of the Abazira Clan

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