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The Empaako platform is for you and me interested in the documentation and revitalisation activities of the Empaako cultural practice. We would love to hear from you on any issue relating to Empaako from the way it is practiced in your community, your experiences, any questions or information you may have that could benefit other members of the Empaako community. UNESCO has funded (80%) of Engabu Za Tooro's led project.

About Empaako

Shared and transmitted from generation to generation, Empaako is a globally unique naming system whereby in addition to family and given names a special name – Empaako is given, selected from a fixed and closed list of 12 of them. They include Okaali which is exclusively reserved for Kings, Araali, Bbala, Acaali and Apuuli which are exclusively for males and Akiiki, Ateenyi, Abwoli, Atwoki, Amooti Adyeri and Abbooki which are for both men and women.

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Empaako Development Committee

2nd Floor Mucwa Complex
P.O. Box 886 Fort Portal
Tel: 0772 - 469751
Email: engabuzatooro@gmail.com

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To document and revitilise the Empaako cultural practice among the Banyoro, Batooro, Batagwenda, Batuku and Basongora of Uganda and other sister communities to ensure continuation of the practice.

 The Project is titled UGA-01210 “Community self-documentation and revitalization of ceremonies and practices associated with Empaako naming system in Uganda”

People who belong to Empaako Communities practicing and following the Empaako traditions with a view of promoting unity and togethernes. 

We are carrying out community self documentation of empaako cultural practices and activities, and then will do public sharing and engagement activities to ensure as many people know and engage in empaako documentation and revitalisation 

Empaako for everyone

Empaako Documentary

Koogere oral Tradition

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