Engabu Za Tooro will officially inaugurate its board of Directors this Saturday, 21st April 2018

Engabu Za Tooro (Tooro Youth Platform for Action) which is accredited to offer advisory services to UNESCO (ICH Convention) will officially inaugurate its Board of Directors on Saturday, 21st April 2018 at Gardens Restaurant – Fort Portal.

During this event, guests who will attend will be entertained by cultural music perfomers and comedians like Kigambo Moses Araali, Master Kalenzi, Kabagambe Salongo, Kijegere, Kahwa Kansengerwa and EZT cultural troupe among others.

In addition, key note and inspirational speeches will be delivered by EZT patron Prof. Oswald Ndolerire Ateenyi, the incoming board chairman Msgr. Peter Kumaraki Araali and EZT Executive Director, Mr Stephen Rwagweri Atwoki.Among the key highlights in the speeches are sensitizing the public on the safeguarding of Empaako project which is a UNESCO co-funded project among the Empaako communities of the Batooro, Banyoro, Basongora, Batuku, Batagwenda, Banyabindi and Ba Nyamboga in Western Uganda and Eastern DR Congo respectively.

The event is slated to officially start at 2:00pm and will begin with a procession around Fort Portal town led by EZT Brass Band.

The Board of Directors of Engabu Za Tooro are Prof. Oswald Ndoleriire Ateenyi who is the patron, Msgr. Peter Kumaraki who is the Board Chairman and Mr. Stephen Rwagweri Atwoki who is the Executive Director.

Other Board members are Dr. Richard Irumba Amooti (PhD), Mr. George Mwebembezi Atwoki, Mrs. Mary Tibamwenda Atwoki, Mr. Isaaya Kalya Atwoki, Ms. Barbara Kabanyoro Ateenyi, Mrs. Winifred Mabiiho Atwoki, Mrs. Vanice Kagaba Amooti.

All members of the public are invited to attend and the gates will open at 12:00pm. Entry fee will be UGX 5,000.

Engabu Za Tooro Executive Director, Mr. Stephen Rwagweri Atwoki passionately appeals to all members of the public to support this event aimed at solidifying and strengthening our culture and heritage.

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