Empaako one of the cultural practices Batooro can be proud of

The “long overdue” need to regain the lost glory of Tooro is taking good shape and now we have the chance to rise and shine again.  Preparation for a mega Tooro people’s conference slated 22-23 December  with a theme “BUILDING THE PEARL OF THE PEARL: TOORO” are in high gear. All the stakeholders, including the Tooro elders, political leaders, business people, Tooro kingdom leaders are committed to this mighty undertaking, in order to see Tooro at the top again. Now, the question remains — How can we regain and even surpass our lost glory? It’s a bit difficult to touch every aspect and explain as an answer here but using my limited knowledge, I believe we need to focus on three things;

  1. Learn our true history: The truth is most of us don’t even love our motherland and we have little knowledge about it. We need to understand that a developed Tooro is a symbol of our identity and pride.
  2. Change the mindset of the people: The minds of many people in Tooro are “occupied territories” nurturing laziness, fear, anger and hate. I believe we need to drop feelings of hate, be hardworking and get back to one point of being united in order develop our region.


  1. Take actions at every level: While reminding ourselves of the past glories is important, what is more important is to take inspiration from that and take REAL action, to change the mess we are in at the moment. So yes. Tooro people —We need to change. And we need to hold ALL our elected representatives accountable for their actions.

Remember, an error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it. To make progress and regain and surpass our lost glory, we all need to start acting now. Should we mean it, we shall gain it, “OUR GLORY”. Kenneth Apuuli

December 15, 2016

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