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Thank you UNESCO for recognising Empaako

As Intangible Cultural Heritage

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Government of Uganda

Has Committed to ensure

Preservation of

Empaako Cultural heritage

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Our Land


“A fixed and closed list of twelve literally meaningless in their own contextual language but functionally rich-magical words of endearment, intimacy or respect, depending on the type of human relationship and at what moment or form of interaction and of which origin is culturally a mystery, shared and transmitted from generation to generation by millions of people across several African communities and territories of the legendary Bunyoro-Kitara Empire, Empaako is a globally unique naming system and now a UNESCO-Inscribed Representative Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity which can be harnessed to build mass solidarity and cooperation for greater Social-Economic progress”

S. Atwoki – Rwagweri, 2013.

(Official statement on the occasion of Empaako inscription by UNESCO during its 8th IGC session in Baku, Azerbaijan – 4th December 2013).

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The Empaako Platform and Database is an online tool to bring together and unite the people from the Empaako communities so they can interact, promote and safeguard their rich cultural heritage of Empaako.

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